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Design Ideas for Glass Block Showers

Glass blocks are popular to use in the shower because they allow light to pass through creating an ambient feeling as people bathe. They are also a great alternative to ceramic tile. You can create many unique designs with glass blocks including curves, snake shapes and arches. With the many colors, styles and shapes available, you can also create patterns and designs with glass blocks.

Create arches, snake shapes and curves

Curves, arches and snake shapes are easily accomplished with glass blocks. For a snake shape, you would simply wrap the glass around the shower and then swivel it out like a snake. This is easy once you already have the framework or foundation laid. Arches and curves are created by using curved glass blocks. Once you are finished laying the square blocks, you then add the curved glass at the top to create the arch. You can also layer and stack in an ascending order to create a nice looking effect.

Incorporating windows and pictures in your glass block shower

A glass block shower looks really cool by itself, but add some color designs or a peep window and it looks even cooler. To do this, you need to buy glass blocks that have the desired design on them. After using a solid color for the bulk of the shower, then use the design to create a picture in one area. Do the same with clear glass blocks and you can create a peep window.

There is a whole world of possibilities when you use glass blocks to make a shower enclosure. They are unique, fun and easy to install. All you need is a little imagination, and you can create nearly anything.